I worked on many internally facing training programs while at CDC. These courses are housed on CDC Train, a public facing training storehouse. To view these assets, you will need to navigate to CDC Train.com, create an account, and search by the titles below. 

Use the links below to navigate to courses I collaborated on or developed for CDC:

(Please, note you will need to create an account to access these course offerings.)

Select a project to preview.


Grillight Storyboard-09

GrilLight Trade Show Promo


GrilLight Promo Teaser


Irons quick spot.mp4.00_00_45_03.Still002

Irons in the Fire Promo

Irons quick spot.mp4.00_00_04_14.Still001

Blue Iron Warm-up Video


Studio E Senior Experience Promo


Client Facing Experience Video


DSC_1387 Joanna June 2010_2121





 Irons quick spot.mp4.00_01_07_06.Still003


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