I worked on many internally facing training programs while at CDC. These courses are housed on CDC Train, a public facing training storehouse. To view these assets, you will need to navigate to CDC Train.com, create an account, and search by the titles below. 

Select a project to preview.


Grillight Storyboard-09

GrilLight Trade Show Promo


GrilLight Promo Teaser


Irons quick spot.mp4.00_00_45_03.Still002

Irons in the Fire Promo

Irons quick spot.mp4.00_00_04_14.Still001

Blue Iron Warm-up Video


Studio E Senior Experience Promo


Client Facing Experience Video


DSC_1387 Joanna June 2010_2121





 Irons quick spot.mp4.00_01_07_06.Still003

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