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california sunsetI am passionate about learning! It is my core belief that learning is natural, collaborative, rewarding, and has been reshaped by web and digital technology. My career goal is to use digital multimedia to improve learning. Let this site introduce me to you. Use the menu above to view my resume and some of my projects.

A Brief Autobiography

I am a Florida Native, raised on a farm in “the middle of nowhere” Alabama. I attended a small Christian college in Montgomery, then Alabama Christian College, now Faulkner University, thanks to a local Church of Christ minister, Curtis Posey. Mr. Posey, cobbled together support to get me through my first two years of higher education. I earned a music scholarship and transferred to a very small Christian college in Villanova, Pa. The college, Northeastern Christian Junior College was housed in a mansion formerlyBoone-Hall2 owned by Pat Boone. There I lived in a closet. A real closet, with my Japanese, non-english speaking roommate. Upon graduation, I earned an additional scholarship at Freed-Hardeman College near “Carl Perkins”, Tennessee where I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical studies and a minor in psychology. I then moved to Tuscaloosa and completed a Master of Arts degree in Special Education from the University of Alabama, graduating top of my class with honors and voted the most outstanding student in the field. I enjoyed graduate school!

After I graduated, I worked teaching students with emotional and behavioral disorders in Tuscaloosa and then in Gwinnett County, Georgia. My years in Gwinnett county was divided between teaching, technology support, and staff training.  In 2012, I began to feel uneasy about the role of testing and teaching technology in public schools – too much testing and not enough teaching technology. I became determined to put myself on the cutting edge of learning technology. I enrolled in an award winning online program in educational technology at Full Sail University.

One year later, I completed a Master of Science degree in Educational Media image001 copyDesign and Technology from Full Sail University in a year – on time. I graduated top of my class receiving additional academic honors for many of my courses. My experience at Full Sail was nothing short of amazing and underscored my passion for educational multimedia technology, photography, video, and using technology to promote student and adult learning in a digital context. Since graduation, I have enjoyed discovering new ways to design and inform with digital multimedia. I have spent the years since graduation developing online learning programs and learning as much as I can about digital multimedia learning.

Since Full Sail I have freelanced for small businesses, making product, trade show, and other informational videos. I eventually landed a job with Catmedia and was assigned to a CDC contract. I worked with a very talented team of developers, artists, and subject matter experts, designing what became award winning laboratory safety training programs! I work with the CDC for just over 4 years, until my contract ended. But, CDC wasn’t through with me. I returned to CDC in 2020 to continue working developing training for lab professionals.

I know this will not continue indefinitely, nor should I want it to. There are more things to learn and I am eager to explore more ways to convey learning through digital multimedia. Have a look at my partial portfolio, and let me know if there is a chance I can help develop something wonderful with you and your company.


About Harold_Bamberg

I am a graduate of Full Sail University Online. I enjoy mountain bike therapy, photography, videography, films, classical guitar, bass guitar, web design and yard work. OK, not so much the yard work. I have come to love cycling through Team in Training through the Atlanta chapter. I try to ride as much as I can, afternoons and weekends. I have also worked for several years, building my photography skills and portfolio with the help of Michael Schwarz and Bill Durance through the Nikon School workshops. I am a student of science fiction literature and film, especially films directed by Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, and George Lucas to name a few. I am fascinated with the idea of moving humanity into another environment and presenting them with a super-challenge. I also enjoy the writing of Stephen Baxter, the next Arthur C. Clarke.
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