Action Research Project

Action Research Site Summary Webpage and Video
This Action Research Project was the culmination of a year of study with my friends, colleagues, mentors, and teachers at Full Sail University. The project was accepted for presentation at the SALT conference in 2013.

As part of the Full Sail University philosophy of “Real World Educations,” I was tasked with finding something in my present workplace that should be changed.  Then I was to systematically research and design a way to bring about that change. Evaluation, reflection, and collaborative feedback were integral parts of this project. While the course work helped me complete this task, this project was to stand on its own, and be created parallel to the course work.

My Role in this Project:

  • Developed and populated this website
  • Created all pages per requirements and timelines
  • Created all video, and audio assets on each page (except template images and Purple-Planet audio)
  • Conducted all research and project implementation
  • Met all specific criteria and timelines for this project

Video Trailer
Nothing inspires creativity like a deadline! This video was required to capture my Action Research Project without audio comment. My time limit was three minutes – I wish it had been one.

My Role in this Video:

  • Developed the concept, script, and storyboard
  • Shot and edited all video
  • Secured additional copyright compliant images
  • Recorded and edited all audio tracks
  • Added music form and secured rights agreement
  • Secured and directed cast of actors

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