GrilLight Sales Promo Short


The guys at Holton Products wanted a video to highlight their product for sales promotion. As a guy who does grill at night, I jumped at the chance. It was also a chance to work with Norborne Schaum, a long time buddy and fellow cyclist. Norborne is also a marketing and art guru with years of experience and a keen eye for detail. Norbs developed the storyboard and concept, and I manned the camera and editing station. After playing with the grilling tools, I decided to light this shoot with the GrilLight lights. They were bright and more importantly, had no noticeable color shift! We basically used a key light and the light in the tool to make this shoot happen. This video was the second production for the GrilLight guys.

My Role in the Project:

  • Video and audio capture with the Nikon D800 and D7000 cameras
  • Video and audio editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Note: numerous  tasty steaks, hotdogs, chicken wings, and hamburgers were consumed during the making of this video

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