Adobe Captivate

Captivate 7 Example (Video of Simulation)

This is a video example of a simulation training video that I developed as part of the training video series. This was assembled from assets from the Captivate Advanced Techniques course with Anastasia McCune. This video plays through the example rather quickly and is only an example of a simulation training video. The actual flash asset reacts as a true simulation would, requiring actuate interaction and input from the learner.

I wanted to tap the power of Captivate and use the application to explore how advanced features could be used for instruction. Developing this teaching asset allowed me to explore those techniques illustrated by course director Anastasia McCune. To illustrate the content this video is a quick play through of a fully functional instructional course.

My Role in this Project:

  • Recorded content from internet site using Captivate
  • Designed the project slides per specific objectives
  • Linked and verified all functionality
  • Populated all content to slides based on recommended template
  • Exported file to movie format for viewing on YouTube

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